Respect yourself. Respect your sisters. Your brothers, and anyone involved with Zeta Tau Alpha. Everywhere you go, you are representing Zeta Tau Alpha and everything that the sorority stands for.

If you have any conflicts with your sister(s), please try to settle it amongst yourselves first. If it does not work, then bring the matter to an official (either President or Vice President). Physical conflcits are extremely discouraged, and if any situation leads to one, it will be dealt with by the President, and may result in your explusion from the sorority.

You are expected to keep a 2.7 minimum GPA. If you are any lower than that, you are required to fix it by next term. If you fail to do so by then, you face suspension and possible expulsion from Zeta Tau Alpha.

Attendance to the weekly Zeta Tau Alpha meetings are not required, but are highly encouraged. Meetings take place every Wednesday night at 8pm. If you are unable to attend, meeting notes will be posted on the house board.

Please try to maintain a clean livigng space. We can not dictate if the inside of your room is messy, but outside area susch as the living room, kitchen, front porch, and other areas of Zeta Tau Alpha house are expected to be clean. We are not pigs, and we do not live like pigs. If your room is messy and it is causing a conflict with you & your roommate, see rule 2.

Pets are allowed as long as they have been reported to officials and do not pose a threat to house inhabitants and their property. You are expected to clean up after your pet.

While everyone does like to have fun, quiet hours begin at 11:30pm and last until 7am Monday through Thursday. Please respect this rule, and your sisters. Failure to do so will result in a meeting with the house officials.

Please respect all guests that come to Zeta Tau Alpha. Disrespectful guests, or guests that cause conflict amongst the sisters will be asked to leave. If it is a continuing occurance, it is possible for them to be banned from the house. So keep them on their best behavior.

Underagaged drinking is discouraged. We can not control what you do, but if you are underaged and choose to drink, we ask that you be discreet.

Everyone has sex (kind of like how everyone poops). Keep it in your room, no exceptions. Keep your neighbors in mind, and keep quiet hours in mind, but most importantly keep it in your room.

Try to keep shower time as quick as possible, we understand that you want to be clean, prim, and absolutely gorgeous, but please understand that you live with other people and that it is not your shower. If you really are in a desperate situation, Hara or I might let you use one of our bathrooms. Maybe.